Thursday, August 2, 2012

Note to a friend.

One of my best friend is Kacap. in fact he is the one of my very very best friend. in fact he is my best friend. cares about me like a brother. be the shoulder for me to cry on. (even i never cry on his shoulder yet! haha). peti keluh kesah. kaki ronggeng bersama. kaki menganjing bersama. kaki membahan bersama. peminat nombor satu Aku Tension, as far as i know. tallest friend among friends. filial son to his mother (i guess?).

that dark time when i was at my deepest fall, he lend his hand on his attempt of lifting me up. though he failed, he still did his best in lending his ears. he listen to my sad, cries, angry. and not everyone would survived such thing for almost an hour, on the phone. and most people would cut connection afterwards. but he didn't. and i really wonder why girls always play with her feeling. tak payah cakap pasal dia. aku pun selalu kena mainkan perasaan. LOL!

Kacap, if you read this, i want you to know that you mean a lot! thank you for always stands beside me. defend the right about me. and it is such a shame when you almost never shared anything with me, as if i never there for you, like how you did to me. (i just know when you're sad, angry or have a problem when i stalks your blog. that's it!). you're my best scandal, my best buddies, and you're like my younger brother for me, coz i know i'm tua than you. your future girlfriend will be lucky to have you. and i am very lucky to know you too. keep walking, because i always have your back :)

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