Wednesday, September 19, 2012


"At that moment when you're missing him badly, there's a tears in your eyes."

lately, he always talk about marriage. telling me to be patience and wait for him.. and one thing that make me feel touched when he said that "don't find another person ye sayang.." i won't! 

last weekend when i have deeper conversation with my mom about my relationship, my mom said, "it's up to you.. BUT please don't find someone that more younger from you". i know actually my mom know about him through my sister. i'm not sure what wrong with her who always envious about me. the conversation end with small fight just because i want to defend for my right! i don't wanna telling him about this. i don't wanna hurt him. 

when you're happy with your relationship, STILL there must be something wrong with it. i don't know who i wanna share about this. it's about someone that i love. not just him, but my mom, my family.

mom, i do love you! but please, this is my life as well. i don't wanna be stubborn in this issue. there's nothing that i want from you, just your blessing. i'm not telling you that i will be marry him tomorrow or soon, but please, just accept him in our life...

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