Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Past and present.

he said he did not believe in marriage. while i, wanted to have a wonderful wedding with him. so, i don't want to talk anything to him about marriage.

but then pernah sekali, we went out to the cenang beach, hang out, talk, laugh, and suddenly there is a couple past in front of us. the lady with a white wedding dress, and the man with a complete suite. and a photographer as a complementary.

i told him.. "let's get married here, now, today!" he just don't care and busy with his camera. so i shout "what if ada lelaki lain yang nak kawin dengan saya?" he got hurt by what i said and the trip become dull and lame.

tried to pujuk him, but he wouldn't listen and ignoring me. so i just buat bodoh and looked at the bride couple.. while he just busy taking some photo.

suddenly, he stopped, grabbed my body near to his and kissed my shoulder, under the sunset. "i love you", again he said under the sunset.

unfortunately, i am in love with a man who doesn't believe in marriage. i am in love with a man who lives under his own beliefs. i am in love with a man who assume that bike is always come first and like his first lover.

base on what he had ask me about an engagement, i know that this man would marry me one day. i just know it.

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