Sunday, April 17, 2011

I’m drowning in the tub, you’re lying on the floor
I’m waiting to be saved, you’re waiting to be saved
I’m bleeding every night, you’re dying on the inside
I’m waiting to be cured, you’re waiting to be cured
I’m too tired to try, I’m too hopeless to hope
We need to be fixed but we won’t fix
And your heart, too broken to be given
In pieces I can’t hold
I’m too tired
You’re too hopeless
We’re too broken
We’re too broken


Grieving. It's Happen when you hurt! Pernah sekali terdetik berkata dalam hati, dunia ini tidak adil! But who am i to dispute or determine what have been set to me. I was lucky still have family & friends who is always there when i need them. If i lost my beloved boyfriend, i cried! All day long! But i'll be grateful because i don't lost my beloved family. If my beloved boyfriend left me, i cried! All day long! But i'll be grateful, because my beloved friends don't left me. People change. But i do still believe the love that my family & friends show don't change! They are always there for me :)

Only one things that make me grieving... Someone that i really need more attention... Someone who had promised me... The one who give me hope... and the one that i ever loved before...

I patiently waited for something to replace my dark... I’ve got no one here by my side... And even if you left a long time ago... I miss you so... And you always say that you love me more... But you never show it to me before... I’ll always know I was never your muse... It’s hard because you don’t come around anymore... I hope you find whatever is... You’re looking for... I hope you miss the streets like I do... Because this is what love of me and you...