Monday, May 2, 2011

Sweet Pain :)

I am stuck pig-sweaty in bed with a ridiculously chest pain. Breathless. Blown. I want to do so many things but so much pain is dragging me down. It’ll be alright. Countless other people have it worse than I do.

Aku dipinjam hidup.
InsyaAllah it’ll be alright.

Saya pernah berdoa sekali untuk sakit, “Dear Allah, whenever I forget You, please make me sick.” I said that!  SubhanAllah, sure enough. Tapi aku tak pernah menyesal dengan doa itu. I need this.

Aku dipinjam sebab untuk hidup.

Semalaman aku tak dapat tidur. Mungkin terlalu fikirkan hal ini. When i wrote this, I’ve not much energy to type further and not that many of idea either, to be honest. I do not need sympathy from anyone.

Aku dipinjam Mama dan Abah yang melahirkan dan mereka masih hidup.

Anger, sadness, hatred and suspicion around. No exception to their own hearts. Feeling that too much! This negative aura of infectious diseases. Which already immune, no need for painkilling drug. I also already beginning to show symptoms. But for me, already know what the cure.

Aku dipinjam teman hidup.

To brighten up our gloomy day, to remind ourselves the gift of health, and the opportunity of being able to laugh and love, walk and work, pray and breathe, eat and drink, so I put up a couple of happy pictures of us smiley people, so that everything else we sometimes take for granted as we’re too busy dwelling on worries we ourselves have created.

What do i want?
Cuma dipanjangkan tempoh pinjaman.
Amin ya rabbal alamin.

Endless thanks to Allah, glory be to Allah, praise be to Allah. May your kind prayers and every ounce of its goodness returns to you.

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