Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've heard a Malay quote sounds;

''alam berubah kerana manusia, manusia juga berubah kerana manusia".

Terbayang ayat-ayat tu dalam kepala. 
Hati aku terjelepuk sebentar, puas aku tanya mana silapnya? 
Kita semakin jauh..
i miss the old you :(

All the people want to change. Every person want to change. Changes to the good. Which is good for yourself. Many people like it. Allah also love it. But not to change the hearts of people who have shed our affection, and who had promised all sorts. Give hope that finally nothing! Buat macam wujud tak wujud dek kerana terlalu ingin berubah. Engrossed in their own world of nature, and unknowingly had shared care with other people. Cuba letak diri kita di kaki insan yang dibiarkan, dilupakan, dibuat tak tahu itu? Nobody who is willing to feel these feelings. I'm sure! But I think it is very fortunate to be introduced with these feelings. What I am only able to do, be patient to lose patience. Allah maha adil. Dia tahu apa yang dia inginkan. What would happen, and would like to happen. Our task is just tough, and pleased with any allegations of a given. Allahualam..

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